Invoices and Payments

In AbtracOnLine invoice payments and outstanding accounts can be managed independently from your accounting software with our optional Debtor Management module.

You can record invoice payments, account for write-offs and adjustments, and report on your debtors from this add-on module.

From Debtor Management >> choose Invoices and Payments.

Like most screens in AbtracOnLine, you can change the display order of these fields from Administration >> Settings >> User Control Settings >> choose ‘Debtors – Invoices and Payments’ page.

Invoices and Payments Settings – AbtracOnLine

Go to Debtor Management >> Invoices and Payments. Here you can view the invoices with respect to their payments.

Invoices and Payments – AbtracOnLine

The Invoices and Payments screen filters by the ‘Paid’ column, and will show only unpaid (‘Unchecked’) invoices by default. You can set it to show all (leave blank) or only paid (select ‘Checked’) invoices.

Select Checked or Unchecked Invoices – AbtracOnLine

Click on any invoice number to preview the invoice.

Clicking on the ‘Print Results’ button will give ‘Invoices Report’. This contains the invoiced and outstanding amounts for the current selection.

Invoices and Payments Report – AbtracOnLine

Recording Payments

To record an invoice payment, click the button on the corresponding invoice row.

Record Invoice Payment – AbtracOnLine

From the ‘Record Payments’ pop up, you could choose to ‘Leave Blank’ the ‘Payment Date’ from the dropdown menu . With this option, you can manually enter a date for every new line added.

Record Payments Leave Blank for Payment Date – AbtracOnLine

Or else, choose the ‘Use Today’s Date’ option to automatically add today’s date to the ‘Payment Date’.

You can also check the tick box to ‘Prompt for Payment Receipt’.

Record Payments Use Today’s Date for Payment Date – AbtracOnLine

There are four payment events to choose from: Payments Received, Uneconomic Amount Written Off, Journal Adjustment and Discount Given. These four options are then used in debtor reporting.

Payment Types – AbtracOnLine

You can also enter detailed comments with each payment event. You will need to save your entries before closing this screen.

‘Date Paid in Full’ will be automatically filled in with the latest/most recent payment event date and the ‘Paid in Full’ tick box checked, once the payment(s) equals the invoice amount.

This date can be reset or changed, by editing the ‘Payment Date’ and is used as the date for payments in debtor reporting.

You will be prompted to print a receipt if you have checked the ‘Prompt for Payment Receipt’ tick box.

Invoice Paid in Full Print Receipt – AbtracOnLine

If the ‘Prompt for Payment Receipt’ tick box is unchecked, the following screenshot applies.

Invoice Paid in Full – AbtracOnLine

Abtrac KB# 2045