Flexible Timesheet Layouts with User Control Settings

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We talk timesheets every day with our clients and we understand there’s often a bit of resistance to that dreaded daily data entry.

Some companies use incentives, and some use penalties to ensure that accurate timesheets are entered. But another technique for getting comprehensive timesheets – is just to make it really easy to enter the data.

We’re preaching to the converted a little bit here – if you’re reading this email then you’re already using a pretty flexible and simple timesheet entry system 🙂 But have you tailored your timesheet layout specifically for your staff and jobs? Or are you still using the ‘off-the-shelf’ layout?

Take time to adjust your Timesheet Control Settings in Abtrac and make your daily data entry just that little bit simpler.

From the Administration menu choose User Control Settings and then select the timesheet layouts you wish to adjust.

From Administration > User Control Settings you can control the column widths and fields in many of the common data entry screens. This option is only available to administrative users, and the changes made will determine the layout of pages for all users.

Administration > User Control Settings – AbtracOnLine

It makes sense to tailor all the timesheet and disbursement entry screens to suit your businesses needs.

You can edit the position and width of all the available fields. The maximum width available for each page is displayed next to your selection.

Timesheet Control Settings - AbtracOnLine

Timesheet Control Settings – AbtracOnLine

If your company doesn’t use a particular field then simply set the width to equal zero to hide it.

Hide the fields you don't need - AbtracOnLine

Hide the fields you don’t need – AbtracOnLine

You can review the changes you’ve made by going to the relevant page in Abtrac. Before:

Streamline your timesheet layout - AbtracOnLine

Streamline your timesheet layout – AbtracOnLine


Faster timesheet entry, view only what you need - AbtracOnLine

Faster timesheet entry, view only what you need – AbtracOnLine

Taking some time to optimize your timesheet layouts for your requirements will save you time later on when entering your everyday data.

And anything that make entering timesheets easier, makes your staff happier to enter their time, and leads to better quality timesheets. It’s a win-win.

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