Timesheet Entries Reports

The Timesheet Entries report shows : timesheet comments, timesheet units and the total charge/cost extension for each timesheet line. It also provides detailed entries for employee and company disbursements.

There are quite a few variations on the ‘basic’ timesheet entries report with options for lots of different filters, groups and sub-groupings.

The report can be run between two specific dates, or by choosing the ‘Billable WIP only’ option you can use the report for bill preparation. Many businesses using Abtrac will print the Unbilled Work Quick Summary report, and then view the Timesheet Entries report onscreen to see further information and determine what needs to be invoiced.

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> select All >> select Timesheet Entries in the ‘Timesheet Entries’ section >> select the relevant dates and preferences >> then click on the ‘Report Options’ button and select the required preview type to view the timesheet.

Tick “Billable WIP” to show all the outstanding/unbilled timesheets – you will then only be able to choose a ‘Date To’.

Similarly, there are options to show invoice history, task, activity, task & then activity, and work item.

Abtrac KB# 2039