AbtracOnLine licensing and additional costs

Abtrac is licensed on a per user* basis.

*We define ‘users’ as being not only current logins, but the number of current employees being managed through Abtrac– that is anyone who logs on, or who has timesheets done for them, or is being processed through Abtrac in any period.

If you have any special cases regarding your current users that you feel we need to take into account then please do give the support team a call to discuss your requirements.

The standard Abtrac subscription does not include the add-on modules of Debtor Management or Accounting package integration.

Users or Employees are licensed on a graduated scale: Within this scale you can expect to pay a per user per day rate from $2.00 for a single user license, down to $0.30 and less for a 50+ user subscription.

  • $15 per additional user up to 10 users
  • $10 per additional user up to 15 users
  • $8 per additional user up to 25 users
  • and $5 per additional user up to 50 users

An example of a 20 user license is detailed below, and includes the optional accounts add-on module.

 $ 45 Base Fee x 1 45.00
 $ 15 per Employee (<10) x 10 150.00
 $ 10 per Employee (11>15) x 5 50.00
 $ 8 per Employee (16>25) x 5 40.00
 $ 5 per Employee (26>50) 0.00
 $ 45 Debtor Module 0.00
 $ 15 Debtor Upload* x 1 15.00 *Free for an integration from AbtracOnLine to any MYOB Online product
Total Monthly Fee (ex GST) 300.00

Please contact the support team if you’d like to talk about your AbtracOnLine subscription and license fees.

Additional Costs

The standard Abtrac license subscription includes free telephone and email support. For issues that are not classified as support our standard hourly rate applies.


If you require additional training (distinct from support) we are happy to help.

Your training can be conducted via an online session or in your office (charges may also apply for travel)

Invoice Modification

Prior to sending out real invoices to clients the standard Abtrac invoice template needs to be modified with your logo and layout. This can be done by you internally at no cost.

We do however often do this for you on request, even if only to take it 90% of the way there, because we can do it more quickly i.e. without having to learn how to do it from scratch.

If our input is required here we will charge our time at our hourly rate. An invoice modification can take between 2 – 20+ hours. This time (and the resultant fee) is usually based on the number of iterations we have to go through in response to miscellaneous people who get involved after the job has started.

Abtrac KB# 1011