Abtrac Version 5 and Version 6

From 2014 we will be running two versions of Abtrac.

Abtrac Version 5 is most likely what you now have, the data base is installed on your office server. Abtrac Version 6 is new, it’s the cloud version.

Please note. You have a choice between cloud and what you now have. Only choose cloud when you understand it and want to change to it. Keep using Abtrac as you know it until then.

Abtrac in the Cloud is here. Many of you from our newsletter last month indicated a wish to switch to the cloud ASAP. We are commencing migrations within the next month to Abtrac Version 6, our cloud version. There is no cost to migrate from your current version to the cloud version.

We will be retaining the current instance of Abtrac Version 5 for as long as we can if you are not yet cloud ready. The deciding factor will be when Microsoft and other movers and shakers shift to a technology base that kills off the current 32 bit desktop operating environment and thus Abtrac V5.

We can definitely say Abtrac V5 will be around until 2017 and most likely 2020 and maybe beyond then to 2023.

It won’t be our decision to retire the current instance. We simply have to go with the flow. However it’s in everyone’s interest that we invest [heavily] in the technologies of today to keep Abtrac alive and well and delivering what the market of the day says is needed.

If you have any questions about the cloud, Abtrac Version 6 or Version 5 please do call or email support@abtrac.com

We will be pleased to respond.

Abtrac KB# 2030