Non-Chargeable work – tracking administration and leave as projects

When you set up Abtrac we recommend you create a non-billable client for your own company.
For this client enter all the administrative and leave jobs that your staff may use, and any projects that you’d like to track time against.

An example list of administrative and leave projects might look something like this:

Enter Non-Billable Work as Projects for detailed reporting

Why use projects for this work rather than activities?

Reports! Most reports in Abtrac are run by Client or Job, and then by other options. So it’s more likely you can run the type of leave or admin report you need if you track this work as a project.

Some of our favourite reports for leave are:

  • Hours Worked – by Employee, Client and Job
  • Hours Worked – by Date, Employee, Client and Job
  • Timesheet Entries (choose to group by Employee)

Abtrac KB# 2025