Abtrac Desktop Installation

  • The Abtrac data file is usually stored on the office server, or on a computer acting as a server.
  • Each desktop throughout the office has a full version of Abtrac installed and links to this data file.
  • Please confirm your computer meets the minimum requirements before installing Abtrac.
  • You will also need Administrative rights on this machine to install Abtrac.

We recommend installing Abtrac on one machine only, until the installation is complete before installing throughout the office.

Starting Installation

1. To start your Abtrac desktop installation you’ll need to identify your office’s Abtrac shared folder location – the location where the application is stored.

It will look something like \your server name and locationAbtracShared

At your initial server installation this was recorded with Abtrac > System Management > Business Details*

*Please note that Abtrac is not responsible for your data file or server maintenance and in some cases this location may have changed. If you are not sure whether this location is still correct please contact Abtrac or your IT consultant.

2. Browse to this Shared Location, and from the ‘AbtracShared’ folder double click on the Installation Manager.

3. For installing Abtrac you’ll need to know if your machine is a 32bit or 64bit machine.

You can check this from Control Panel > System and Security > System,

Or choose “Check the Install Type for Me” to determine your operating system type.

4. Once you know which install type is required click on the relevant Install button,

either “Default 32 Bit Install” or “Default 64 Bit Install”

5. We recommend installation Abtrac to a C:Program Files (or Program Files(x86)) folder.

For most installations, choose ‘Install’ at this first step.

Alternately you can specify a different folder if required, by instead choosing the “Select Abtrac Directory For Install” button in the previous screen.

6. Choose next at the welcome screen.

7. The installation folder chosen in step 5 will display.

At this point you can choose to install Abtrac for all users on this machine, or just the current logged in user.

8. Choose Next to Confirm the Installation details and continue.

9. Abtrac will begin installing.

10. Once the installation is complete you will receive x 4 confirmation messages.


11. The installation is now complete, and you can close the installation manager.

12. If you need Abtrac to be accessible to more than one user on your machine you can use the ‘Configure Abtrac Folder’ button whilst logged into the machine as an additional user to share the Abtrac installation with the user currently logged in.

N.B. This article details installation steps for desktop Abtrac users. If you are installing Abtrac using Windows Remote Services (Terminal Server) then specific settings apply – see the Terminal Services article for details.

Abtrac KB# 1006