Write Offs and Profitability Reports

Some management reports in Abtrac review data by invoice, others do it by individual invoice lines. In particular some Employee Profitability, Fees Earned, and Write Off reports go into this detail.

If you want to analyse write offs (ons) at the employee or invoice level then the method you use to write off time is important.

When choosing an existing invoice line to assign WIP you need to be aware that this write off time will affect these reports. And reports already circulated will then have different recovery numbers which will obviously confuse some people.

In the example below the project was quoted at 25 hours, but a ‘technical error’ caused Kate to re-work her portion of the fee. Writing off this time by assigning it to the invoice will affect Fees Earned reports for both Kate and Tony.

Fees Earned (Pro Rata reporting)

Fees earned reports for a specific period will be affected when writing off time to historical invoices

If you do not use Profitability, Fees Earned, or Write Off reports that show detail by Invoice or Invoice line, then it doesn’t matter which line you assign the WIP to, and you could simply use either of the ‘Quick Assign/Write Off’ buttons.

From Invoice Management > Unbilled Work Quick Summary you can quickly write off time using these two buttons

Regardless of the method (and which invoice line you assign the WIP to) the write off/on across the entire job will be the same.

But if you do review management reports by invoice lines then it’s a good idea to create a unique write off invoice, or manually write off time – so you can choose which line WIP is assigned to.

To assign WIP manually to an invoice line:

  1. Load the last invoice created for the project.
  2. Use the Unbilled Items box to select the WIP items you wish to write off.
  3. Choose any invoice line to assign the time to, and click Assign Selected Timesheet Lines.

You would use this method when…

  • You want to include the write off in profitability reports.
  • If the write off needs to be assigned to all or specific employees
  • If the write off relates to a certain task billed to a certain invoice line

Abtrac KB# 2028