Bulk Edit Timesheets

This Abtrac5 screen is useful when you need to update timesheet details in bulk, it eliminates the need to open and edit individual users timesheets .

Perhaps an employee has entered time for the month against an incorrect project code.
Or as a project progresses the decision is made to split an existing stage into two.
Maybe you need to update charge rates for time already entered, or check the WIP assigned date on timelines.

The bulk edit timesheets screen allows you to quickly filter all timesheet records and update the entries that need adjusted.

This article is for Abtrac5, follow this link for the AbtracOnLine version

From System Management > Administration > Bulk Edit Timesheets is a powerful timesheet maintenance tool that displays a lot of data.

Bulk Edit Timesheets

The column headers display 18 of the most relevant fields to timesheet maintenance. There are 29 fields available in all from this bulk edit screen so not all fields are displayed by default. You can edit the column widths and the fields shown from the Select Fields option.


On the right hand menu options you can also define a sort order.2023_BETSortFilter

This screen filter by the usual suspects… ‘dates, project, employee, stage, activity, disbursement’. You can also choose to view by Charge Type ‘Time, Employee Disbursements, Company Disbursements’.

Updates to timesheet entries can then be made by an administrator in this screen en masse rather than through the time and cost module.

Please Note:

The same rules apply as in the timesheet entries screens – you cannot edit timesheet lines that have been assigned to an invoice.

And you shouldn’t leave any fields as a ‘null’ entry; particularly job code, units and rates – use ‘0.00’ rather than simply deleting the entry in any of these fields.

This screen is most typically used in the following situations:

  • Updating Employee rates
  • Editing Stage/Task or Activities that have been incorrectly assigned
  • Changing the job code an employee is assigning time to
  • To check if/when timesheets have been billed and
  • To check which invoice the WIP has been assigned
  • To check the WIP Assigned date for a timesheet line – which can explain why time is/isn’t appearing on reports
  • To obtain data not available in performance reports for specific employees

Abtrac KB# 2023