Statement or Account Rendered – which should you use?

There are two outstanding account forms available to use in the Abtrac Debtor module, an Account Rendered or a Statement.

Statements :

Show all invoice and payment transactions since the last statement date.

A statement batch is generated for all Clients (or Jobs/Projects) in the system with activity on their accounts up to the selected date.

Because a statement of account with opening and closing balances is an agreed financial document between two businesses, once a statement in Abtrac is generated all associated invoices are locked. The only way to edit an invoice that belongs to a statement batch is to first delete the relevant batch.

Abtrac Statement

Accounts’ Rendered:

Display only invoices outstanding (and any partial payments) up to the selected date. An Account Rendered does not show invoices paid in full.

The account can be generated for all, or selected Clients and Jobs (or Projects). Accounts’ Rendered display recipient information that links to your billing details and therefore can be grouped by Client, Job, or Name on Invoice.

Abtrac Account Rendered

(For offices who want to use the Account Rendered  in Abtrac, but who would prefer the form they send to their clients to still read ‘Statement’ we can adjust the title in your customised header)

Abtrac KB# 2018