Adding Microsoft Access as an exception to your Windows Firewall

In some cases your local Windows Firewall blocks Abtrac from opening and connecting to the data file on the server.

This is an intermittent problem which only happens sometimes on some machines and for this reason it is hard to diagnose.

What happens is when Abtrac tries to open, your Firewall scans the newly opened program and causes a timeout error, this timeout stops Abtrac from opening. Sometimes you can then try opening Abtrac again later that day with no problems.

The following steps show you how to add Microsoft Office Access 2007 as an exception to your Firewall.

(This is commonly a Windows 7 issue, and the following screen shots are from a Windows 7 machine. If you are using Windows XP the process is the same but the options may be slightly different)

1. Open your Control Panel. When viewing by “Category” you will see a menu ‘System and Security” or if you are viewing by Small or Large Icons you will be able to see Windows Firewall

Click on System and Security > then choose Windows Firewall


2. Click on “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”

3. Click on “Change Settings” followed by “Allow another program”

4. Click on Browse

5. For a 64Bit machine : Navigate to “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice12MSACCESS.EXE”

    For a 32Bit machine : Navigate to “C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12MSACCESS.EXE”

Then double click on MSACCESS.EXE to open.

You will now see Microsoft Office Access in the list. Click Add

6. You have now added Microsoft Office Access to the list of Firewall exceptions.

Click on OK to exit the firewall settings and close the control panel.


Abtrac KB# 2010