Invoice Reference Fields

Once your invoice template has been configured there are a number of fields in Abtrac > System Management that you may need to update.

Your Company Fields (issuing the invoice)
Company Name†
Company Name2†
Email Address*
Phone No*
Fax No*
Street Address 1*
Street Address 2*
Street Address 3*
Street Address 4*
Postal Address1*
Postal Address2*
Postal Address3*
Postal Address4*
Your Client and Job Fields (receiving the invoice)
Client Company Name
Billing Recipient*
Billing Recipient Role*
Client Address 1
Client Address 2
Client Address 3
Client Address 4
Job Code/Reference*
Job Description*
Client Job Reference*
Order Number*
Progress Claim Number*
Your Tax and Terms Fields
Name of Tax Number
Tax Number
Invoice Number
Invoice Name†
Invoice Date
Invoice Due Date†
Invoice Terms*
Invoice Heading*
Invoice Contact Text*
Subtotal Wording†
*These fields can be optionally shown or hidden on any invoice customisation, by entering data in the appropriate fields in Abtrac. For simplicity our template examples show all available fields. (But for example if your project does not have an order number entered this field will not display)†These fields are confirmed at the time of your invoice modificationand no longer editable once your customisation has been approved and delivered.

Your Company Fields (issuing the invoice)

Can be entered from System Management > Business Details; and from System Management > Business Details > Office Specific Settings* for Website and Email addresses.

*Please leave the tax and terms fields in this office screen blank. These fields are a duplicate of data from the Invoice Settings screen. The invoice name in this Office Settings screen is hardcoded to link to the invoice template we have customised for your office, so please leave this as we have set it for you. If you are not sure then check with the Abtrac Support team.

Your Tax and Terms Fields

Are set from System Management > Invoice Settings. Your starting invoice number is also set from this screen.

Other Invoice Fields

There are also Client and Job Fields that are unique to each person receiving the invoice.

The Name on Invoice, Recipient and Role, and Address are defined and copied through to the invoice from one of two places.

· Clients, Jobs and Contacts > Invoice Defaults. This is the default address for all jobs invoiced for the client.

· Clients, Jobs and Contacts> Job Billing Details.

This option allows you to have a billing address that is unique for a particular job belonging to a client.

The Job billing details screen is also where you can set other references: Client Job Number, Order Number, Progress Claim Numbers.

These fields can be set from Clients Jobs and Contacts, or whilst you are creating an invoice from Enter/Edit Invoice Details.

Abtrac KB# 2007