Manage Contacts : Create Contact Lists and Mail Merge Letters

Create a simple list from past and present contacts using Manage Contacts.

From Clients, Jobs and Contacts > choose Manage Contacts to create Christmas cards, marketing lists, and other groups of contacts.

More lists of Client Contacts in Abtrac can also be accessed from :

  • Clients, Jobs and Contacts > Mail Merge,
  • Clients, Jobs and Contacts > Search > Export, and 
  • Performance Reports > Clients and Jobs > People and Businesses 

Please note these lists are contact related only.

  • If you are looking for project information see this article for details on how to create Fee Proposal Letters.

Creating Groups
To create a new contact group > double Click on the ‘Selected Group’ box to enter Group Management.
Enter a name for your group in the new blank field, you can also enter comments about your group if required.

Adding to Lists
A contact can be added to a group by double clicking on the name
of the person you wish to include from the ‘Selector’ list on the left.
Double clicking again on the name from the ‘Selected Group’ list (on the right) removes the contact.

View Group Data
Once you have created your list you can preview and print email and address lists for the selected group from ‘View Email Address List’ or ‘View Mail Merge Data’.

Copy addresses to a new email message
You can also produce a list with email addresses only, to copy into the recipient field of a new message within your office email application.

Export List Data to other applications
There is now a range of communication media available to help you keep in touch with your contacts – Email Marketing Services, Contact Management Systems, and Word Processor tools to create emails, surveys, letters, labels and other documents.

Abtrac has an export option which converts data to a deliminated text file (similar to a .csv). This file contains all the data entered against your contact and can be used in a wide range of programmes.

When using the mail merge function in Word
Export your list from Abtrac and create your Word document.

*(If you first wish to manipulate the data from Abtrac further you may wish edit the export.txt file. Open a blank excel spreadsheet > then File > Open > All Files Types. Browse to open the export.txt file and import as a delimited, comma separated spreadsheet. Then File > Save As > export.xlsx or export.csv) 

From Word>Mailings connect to the export.txt file* from Abtrac and choose the fields you require. If you produce letters regularly, such as producer statements or letters of engagement, you can save your document as a template letter and link to the file by double clicking on the ‘Selected Letter’ field in the Manage Contacts menu.

(At Abtrac we don’t provide Microsoft support…but here are some tips on Mail Merge with Word)

Abtrac KB# 2011