Xero Debtor Upload Specifics

Each accounting package and the Abtrac accounting integration is slightly different. For notes on a Xero upload see below.

Invoice numbers are created in Xero from the Abtrac import file.

Invoice numbers in Abtrac must be 10 digits or less to import to Xero.

Clients must exist in Abtrac before an import occurs.

But they do not need to exist in Xero before an import.

During the import Xero will automatically create customers from the import if they do not already exist.

Jobs are not tracked in Xero, and are only linked to a Xero customer through the invoice reference field.

Please Note :

1. Abtrac exports ‘Client Name’ not ‘Name on Invoice’ from Abtrac.

2. If the Client Address varies slightly from that already in Xero the imported address will overwrite the existing Xero Client address.

3. Invoices imported are added to your Drafts folder and will still need to be approved in Xero.

GL Numbers need to be set in Abtrac and must match exactly with Xero Account Numbers before your import occurs.

Tax Codes will also need to be specified and be an exact match for each Xero integration.

Before your import routine is configured the Abtrac team will require the following information

1. Your Xero Product (Standard or Multi Currency)

2. Please specify the follow fields/options

Do you require a single or multiple line export? Single Multiple

3. Account Numbers and GST Codes from Xero.


Please supply Abtrac with copies of your Tax Codes.

This information can be retrieved from Xero> Settings > General Settings > Tax Rates

Xero is very particular so your upload tax codes will need to match exactly.

Chart of Accounts

The upload routine links to Xero- Contact Name and Account Numbers.

Before your Xero upload is configured you will need to add any relevant invoice account numbers to : Abtrac > System Management > Invoice Settings

If any of your account codes are expenses within Xero they will require a different GST code than those for sales.

You will need to tell the Abtrac development team the rule to apply for your account codes

(e.g. All codes starting with 2 = 15% GST on Sales, and all codes starting with 4 = 15% GST on Expenses)

Any subsequent additions to these GL Codes will then automatically apply the correct GST and be added to future uploads without any problems.

4. Once Abtrac has received your accounting information, and discussed any ‘special cases’ that may apply to your business (including confirming whether you require a single or multiple line export); we will create a test file to import into Xero.

5. From Abtrac go to System Management > Administrator > Upload Debtors

Export the file to your specified location and then open Xero to import invoices.

6. From Xero choose Accounts > Accounts Receivable > Import

7. Then choose a Xero import, Browse to the location where your Abtrac upload file was stored in step 5 above, and then Import the file.

8. You’ll receive a confirmation message, and be asked to Complete the Import.

9. Your invoice will then be uploaded as a DRAFT and can be reviewed and approved from Xero > Accounts > Accounts Receivable > Drafts.

Xero Import Problems.

The majority of import problems occur when Account Numbers or Tax Codes in Xero are not present/configured in Abtrac (or vice versa).

If you receive a warning or an error message indicating that the import was not successful, the message will reference the problem and which rows of your import file it pertains to.

Abtrac KB# 2004