Accounting Package Integration

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The Abtrac Debtor Upload is an optional additional module which allows you to export invoice details directly to your accounting system.

Abtrac currently exports to MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, Moneyworks, Sage, Arrow, Reckon and Oracle.

Each debtor upload may take some consulting time to integrate. Particularly as different versions, releases and product suites of each accounting software package vary slightly.

Accounting Package Integration Specifics

The Debtor Upload is driven by account codes. If you do not have GL numbers in Abtrac that match exactly those in your accounting software then the upload routine will fail.

Any changes to your chart of accounts may affect your integration.

The Debtor Upload will export either

A single line invoice (with one GL number); or

Multiple lines (and GL numbers) for each invoice.

The export style is not interchangeable, you will need to confirm which type of upload your office requires when the upload routine is being customised for your office.

Each accounting package and the Abtrac integration is slightly different. For notes on the most popular packages we integrate with see the links associated with this article.

How it works:

1. Linking General Ledger Account Codes in Abtrac

The accounting packing integration is linked via a GL Account Number in Abtrac which matches those used in your accounting software.

GL Account Numbers are assigned from System Management > Invoice Settings.

Double click in this GL field to create list of codes, and select one to be the default code assigned to each invoice.

The GL Number chosen as the default will apply automatically to each invoice line created in Abtrac.

This field can be changed for individual invoices from Invoice Management > Edit Invoice Details.

Individual invoice lines can be assigned different GL codes to the default GL number.

Multiple GL codes are typically used for disbursements, and where revenue is compared between departments.

From Invoice Management > Create/Edit Invoice Line pick the relevant GL number from a drop down list.

GL numbers can be linked to disbursements from System Management > Administrator > Disbursements types.

Using ‘Generate invoice automatically’ and itemising disbursements will add the corresponding code to each disbursement invoice line.

2. Exporting a batch of invoices to your Accounts Software

Once an invoice is committed in Abtrac it is available to upload to your accounting package.

All committed invoices ready to upload are held within System Management > Administrator > Upload Debtors.

Here individual invoices can reviewed and selected to be included in an upload batch.

Once you have chosen which invoices to upload, and reviewed your upload totals choose “Export Batch for Upload”.

An upload file (e.g. “UL197_25122011.txt”) will be saved to the export location previously specified from “Edit Export Path”

Files are usually exported to the “C:\Program Files\Abtrac” folder, or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Abtrac” for 64bit machines.

Once the file is exported from Abtrac it can be uploaded from within your Accounting system.

Abtrac KB# 1009 – last updated June 2014

For details on the major accounting packages we integrate with click on the links below.

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