Invoice Reference Fields

You can show as much, or as little information as you wish on your invoice.
For simplicity our template examples show all available fields.

Your Company Fields (issuing the invoice)

Company Name†
Company Name2†
Email Address*
Phone No*
Fax No*
Street Address 1*
Street Address 2*
Street Address 3*
Street Address 4*
Postal Address1*
Postal Address2*
Postal Address3*
Postal Address4*

Your Client and Job Fields (receiving the invoice)

Client Company Name (Name on Invoice)
Billing Recipient*
Billing Recipient Role*
Client Address 1
Client Address 2
Client Address 3
Client Address 4
Job Code/Reference*
Job Description*
Client Job Reference*
Order Number*
Progress Claim Number*

Your Tax and Terms Fields

Name of Tax Number
Tax Number
Invoice Number
Invoice Name†
Invoice Date
Invoice Due Date†
Invoice Terms*
Invoice Heading*
Invoice Contact Text*
Subtotal Wording†

*These fields can be optionally shown or hidden on any invoice customisation, by entering data in the appropriate fields in Abtrac.

†These fields are confirmed at the time of your invoice modification and no longer editable once your customisation has been approved and delivered.

Please note: Not all Abtrac invoice templates have all the company fields displayed for your office (e.g. email,fax,postal and street address…)

Each template displays all the contact fields available for that template. View Abtrac Invoice Templates here.

Abtrac KB# 2005