Getting Started with Abtrac 5: Roll out plan and timing

You’ve made the decision to purchase Abtrac – here’s a bit of a game plan of what happens next

The charts below track the typical duration for setting up Abtrac Version 5 from start to finish.
For the Abtrac team ‘start to finish’ means from confirming licensing and the initial training date, through to the end of your secondary training. This includes ensuring that users feel confident they can enter and edit clients, jobs, employees, and other data to produce and manage invoices and run reports.

So how long is it going to take? Let’s say between 4 – 8 weeks, although some of this time is planning and you’ve likely already done a bit of that with our sales team.

Version 5 can be installed in a few hours so the timing of any roll out plan typically depends upon three factors.

  • Whether it is decided to copy data into Abtrac from any other sources.
  • The suitability of your technology platform and the availability of your regular IT service provider.
  • The availability of the Abtrac team (our lead time is typically two-three weeks).

Roll out plan and timing

Information on each of the steps involved in an Abtrac set up is detailed below these two charts.
Please note these are ‘typical’ examples. But because each business is unique the Abtrac sales and support teams will confirm a time frame based on your specific needs.

No Preloading of Data into Abtrac; 4 – 6 weeks

Data is Preloaded into Abtrac; 6 – 8 weeks

Roll out plan : The Details

Click on each header for further details where applicable.

1. Confirming Licensing

Making sure you have the right tools for your business, and confirming a date for your install & initial training.

2. Technical Specifications

Here’s the technical stuff regarding your installation, including server set up and support.

In the first week after confirming your Abtrac purchase we will discuss any special technical requirements and begin arranging remote access for installation with your IT Professional.

3. Minimum Requirements

Part of the pre-installation checklist – to ensure Abtrac will run effectively on your server and for all users at your workplace

Often the longest delay for steps 2 and 3 is liaising and arranging a suitable time with you and your IT Professional.  (Ideally this can take as little as 2-5 working days)

4. Preloading Data*

Preparation of files for the Abtrac development team to preload in your version of Abtrac (optional)

If you are thinking of preloading data into Abtrac before your initial training session then the sooner you start compiling your lists the better. It can take up to three weeks to load data into Abtrac.

This estimate includes time for you to prepare the data, deliver to Abtrac, discuss and address any issues, and for the Abtrac team to preload the data electronically into the system ready for your installation.

5. Remote Installation

Once details for steps 1-4 are confirmed your Abtrac data file will be installed remotely. Typically the Abtrac team manage the SQL Server installation which takes between two to four hours, and is usually completed a few days before your first training session.

6. Initial Training

The initial training session is typically a 3 hour lesson on site with 2-3 power users of Abtrac.

Either prior to training, or just after Abtrac will need to be installed on each desktop in your office. Typically you or your IT Consultant can manage the desktop installations which take between 30 seconds and 3 minutes per PC, however Abtrac can assist if required.

7. Configuring Abtrac for your office

Following your training session you’ll probably have some homework to do – entering and checking employees, administration settings, clients and jobs. You may spend the week following your initial training session completing this work and familiarising yourself with the system before releasing it to the entire office.

8. Using Abtrac – the basics

Next you’ll need to make sure people in your office start using Abtrac!!!

At any time you can contact our office for additional support. Don’t be shy…your license includes free telephone and email support. The system is quite user friendly – and so are we, so pick up the phone or email if you get stuck.

9. Invoice Modification*

The Abtrac invoice, statements and accounts rendered can be modified to include your company logo. (optional)

This modification can be completed at any time from step one, and is usually delivered prior to your secondary training.

Often the longest delay for an invoice modification is receiving appropriate logos from your graphic designer. Choose one of the nine Abtrac invoice templates and once we have your logo we can deliver the change within 5 – 10 working days.

10. Accounting Package Integration*

If you’ve chosen the Debtor Upload module we will integrate Abtrac with your accounting package (optional)

Abtrac currently exports to MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, Moneyworks, Sage, and Arrow.

This modification can also be completed at any time from step one. Each debtor upload may take some consulting time to integrate – particularly as different versions, releases and product suites of each accounting software package do vary slightly. For this reason your accounting integration can take up to three weeks to prepare, discuss and address any issues, and deliver after your first batch of invoices are complete.

11. Secondary Training

After you’ve been using Abtrac for a while we will return to show you Abtrac pre-billing reports and teach you invoicing.

Depending on your business it can take between two – four weeks to settle in and get some working data for reporting and invoicing.

Like the first training session your second session takes approximately 3 hours. This lesson usually starts with addressing issues and queries arising from having used the system in earnest, before we then address invoicing from Abtrac. This lesson can be conducted remotely via an online session if required.

*Preloading data, customising your invoice layout, and the accounting package integration are all optional features purchased in addition to the standard Abtrac module. These steps may not apply to every Abtrac installation.

Abtrac KB# 1001