Abtrac5 Licensing and additional costs

This article details licensing for the standard Abtrac desktop system and all the optional Abtrac modules; including Abtrac accounting system integration, the debtor module, and the online timesheet entry only application.

If you have any queries about your current licensing – or are interested in any of Abtrac’s optional modules please give us a call.

Abtrac Licensing

Abtrac is comprised of:

Standard Abtrac – a complete desktop practice management package

With three optional extras:

Debtor Module, Debtor Upload, Browser Module

Standard Abtrac

The Abtrac licensing model is based on the number of users who can concurrently log in to Abtrac, not the number of users in total. Like your telephone lines, everyone in your office can have Abtrac on their desktop – but only the number of licensed users can access it at the same time.

You can check your licensed desktop users – by clicking on the About Abtrac button in Abtrac from any ribbon menu.

Additional Modules

Debtor Module – manage your Abtrac debtors with statements, accounts rendered, aged debtor balances.

Debtor Upload – export invoice details directly to your accounting system (MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, Moneyworks, Sage, and Arrow).

The debtor module and debtor upload are independent of the numbers of users.

Most people will use either the debtor module or the debtor upload, but not both – to avoid duplicate entry in both Abtrac and your accounting system.

Browser Module– Timesheet entry only; a web browser version to minimise licensing costs for users who only need to enter their timesheets.

The Browser module is licensed in blocks of 10, and these users must be named within Abtrac.

Additional Costs

The standard Abtrac license subscription includes free telephone and email support. For issues that are not classified as support our standard hourly rate applies.


If you require additional training (distinct from support) we are happy to help.

Your training can be conducted via an online session or in your office (charges may also apply for travel)

Re-installation of Abtrac on a new server

Your initial Abtrac server installation is performed remotely.

Reinstalling Abtrac on a new server can take the same amount of time and we do require advance notice to assist with reinstallation on a new server. This requires that we have remote access to both your new and old server.

A server reinstallation can typically take between 2 and 4 hours.

Invoice Modification

The invoice layout, account rendered and statement can all be modified to a certain extent to suit your corporate image.

Choose from 9 stylish Abtrac templates and we can add a logo and modify the header and footer of the standard invoice to fit it to your business.

View details and Abtrac Invoice Templates here.

Other Customisations

Abtrac is sold as a complete package and we prefer not to customise individual applications. The software has evolved since 1998 and a large proportion of our current features were designed by Abtrac users.

So if you have an idea for Abtrac that we think others may benefit from we’ll add it to our development list at no charge.

But if you do have a requirement that is very particular to your business then give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss whether Abtrac can be amended to suit your needs for an agreed fee.

Abtrac KB# 1002