Technical Specifications for Abtrac : Getting Started

The Abtrac Development team are proud of the product we create:

In fact we don’t consider ourselves nerds at all…We’re designers who make practice management tools for better business.

But ensuring Abtrac runs at peak performance in your office does require some geek-speak. So here’s a translation for all Abtrac users…

1. Abtrac data is stored in an MS SQL Server database.
For this you need an existing Windows server (Or a PC to be the “Abtrac Server”).
About Abtrac and your server

2. Abtrac software is installed on each PC in the office with a runtime version of MS Access and linked to the server database.
The Abtrac Desktop installation

3. Minimum System Requirements
Both your server and client machine need to meet the minimum system requirements in order to run Abtrac.

4. Changes to your existing hardware and software can affect the performance of Abtrac.
If you are installing something new, or making changes to the status quo in your office – let us know in advance. (This includes updating to Office 2010, changing your Accounting package, installating a new server or router)
If we are involved before the change we can help ensure there is no disruption to Abtrac.

5. As part of your contract with Abtrac we provide support and updates of your system.
To provide support the Abtrac team need remote access to your database, and access to someone in your office we can work with who knows IT.
If we cannot connect then sometimes we simply cannot help you.
Abtrac Support and Maintenance

Abtrac KB# 1003