Abtrac Support and Maintenance

Abtrac provide maintenance, upgrades, and information services free of charge as part of your subscription agreement. These are delivered via telephone, e-mail and internet.

From time to time we need access to your Abtrac data file.

Your contract states that once Abtrac is installed all subsequent updates and modifications of Abtrac or the data file (whether an upgrade, fix or special request) can (and usually will) be managed via e-mail and the internet.

In accepting this support contract you need to have suitable technology, and suitably skilled people available to enable and expedite such deliveries and installations as required.

Remote Access:
We require remote access to your server from time to time to update the server-side of Abtrac Version 5 directly.
We are happy to use Team Viewer if your IT consultant would prefer to shadow us while we work.

As technology and other changes impact on Abtrac and its environment, we release updates at no extra cost to current pay-as-you-use Abtrac users. Via email you will receive early notification of updates, pre-release information and newsletters.
When an update is delivered to your server remotely it can be accessed through all client machines using the update datafile link – provided your Abtrac shared location is recorded correctly in System Management.

Abtrac KB# 1010