Abtrac Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirement for Abtrac to perform efficiently are detailed below.
For any system operating below the minimum limits specified we cannot guarantee the performance of Abtrac.

Requirements for Abtrac Client Machines*

A note about RAM:

The RAM specified in the requirements above is Available Memory.
Memory in computers (as with people) tends to fade with time.
RAM (Random Access Memory) is used as a generic term for all computer data storage (not just random access).

Your CPU speed and memory are linked, and high specification CPU is ‘worthless’ without the RAM to back it up. Even a new machine with 1GB available memory can soon run out of space as new programmes are installed. If your available memory is insufficient talk to your IT consultant about purchasing additional memory, or ask whether a simple disc clean-up could solve the problem.

If you are unsure of what your current operating system specifications are try this article:
How to check your current operating system and limitations.

Requirements for Abtrac Server Machines


Abtrac KB# 1004