Setting Up Employees: Part 1 Employee Details

Employee records are stored in the System Management module under System Management > Administrator > Employees.

Here you can store information only accessible to Administrators, including contact details, charge and cost rates. This is also where you assign a timesheet hierarchy and other employee settings. Once you’ve entered Employee Details you’ll then need to set up user rights and log in details from the Edit Users screen.


From the Employee Details screen you can:

· Enter Employee Contact Details

· Enter an Employee ID number (often this Employee ID is used to match the employee record to your payroll system).

· Assign employees to an Office, Team and Department.

· Set a Default Hourly Charge Rate

· Set a Cost Rate per Chargeable Hour

· Define normal unites per timesheet (e.g. 40 hours – this shows in timesheets as xx of 40.00 hours)

There are three additional rates settings in Employee Details

· Charge Rate 2 and

· Charge Rate 3 –are used when timesheet users are set to view (and choose) their own rates in System Management > Timesheet Properties.

· Employee Hourly Cost Rate – is the same as Cost Rate per Chargeable Hour, but should be divided by the total hours per year the employee is on the payroll. This figure is not used elsewhere in Abtrac, but like Employee ID can be used to match details to your payroll system.

Menu Choices in Employees details include:

· Preview Employee List – a report of the ID, Name and Rates for chosen employees


· Maintain Rates – allows you to edit employee rate details in bulk. This screen is useful at the beginning of the new year, financial year, or when you formally review employee salary details

· Maintain Hierarchy – this is where you can set employees to view more than just their own timesheets. Administrators can view timesheets for all staff, but Users and Timesheet only users can be set to optionally view timesheets of additional employees also. (Typically used to ‘share’ timesheets within teams or with Project Managers)

· Maintain Office – is used in a similar way to maintain timesheet hierarchy, when the ‘restrict users by office’ feature is enabled in System Management. (This is a custom feature, not available by default)

· Annual Leave – allows administrators to maintain records or leave taken and accrued from within Abtrac, separate from your payroll system.

Once you’ve entered Employee Details you’ll then need to set up user rights and log in details from the Edit Users screen.

Abtrac KB# 2013